I Wear Black

Meet the key holder to the door of opportunities for your practice. As you get to know Cristal Morse you will realize she only wears black and it’s not because she dislikes colors. As a full-time mother and a hard-working consultant to the medical and health care professions she has simplified her wardrobe to increase her efficiency and productivity. And it is with this same focus Cristal has helped set up many practices for profitability. Explore the rest of the website to see what doors Cristal and Tailored Med Solutions can open for you. Click here to learn more about Cristal


Gateway of Services

Clinic Evaluation, Documentation, Employee Management Evaluations, Customer Service Training, Talent Placement

Business Development, Website and Social Media, Brochure Design, Strategic Marketing Plan, Event Planning, Business Cards, Doctor to Doctor Connection

Medical Coding, Fee Schedule Review, AR Analysis, Billing Audits, Office Redesign, and Other Services

Ask us more about our Administrator On-Call Services. No need to hire a full time office manager. Have your cake and eat it too! You will be assigned a dedicated Office Administrator at a fraction of the cost.

  • Cristal is very knowledgeable and experience on how to run a medical practice and can offer good advice and guidance. Could not have set up my Optometry practice without Cristal's guidance.

    Dr. Alvin Lo : Medical Professional
  • Cristal is so pleasant to work with an she will go far beyond the minimum, she shots for excellence and is a great problem solver.

    Dr. Susan Nyanzi : Medical Professional
  • Extremely Helpful with my hiring needs. Met all my expectations. 

    Nila Villa, CPC : Business Manager
  • Cristal has turned out business around in a major way. We are very happy and grateful for her help. Our experience has been great, and could not have asked for better.

    Dr. Julie Sun : Sun Imaging, Inc

Lets work together

I’m always happy and excited to discuss new projects. If you need help on your practice or feel like your brand needs something fresh. Let me know.

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